Merilyn Sakova – Meeting With Merilyn

Meeting With Merilyn

Merilyn has been waiting. You're late but that's okay. She's taken the extra time to make herself all pretty for you. Now that you're here, she begins to make herself comfortable. Just sit on the edge of the bed and let her do the rest.

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Merilyn Sakova – Bubbles


Before every photo shoot, Merilyn takes a bath and finishes off with a
shower. You must love a girl like this. We always say that cleanliness is
next to boobliness. So we figured, since Merilyn was taking a bath anyway, why not roll the cameras and capture her wet tits on film? Every model has to do a bathtub set at least once because it's in the Model's Guidebook. "I like men who are clean and smell good," she says. "Men should not cover themselves in perfumes. They should smell fresh, natural and masculine. That's how I like it."

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Merilyn Sakova – Wake Up, Merilyn!

Wake Up, Merilyn!

"Merilyn reminds me a lot of Roberta Pedon back in the early 70's: great legs as well as spectacular rack," writes Winston. "A minor criticism (maybe to the editors, not her) is that she tends to get her kit off too quick. Like a lot of girls, she definitely looks best partially clothed, especially when she's stretching something to its limits."

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Merilyn Sakova – Catsuit


Merilyn has a bazillion sexy outfits in her girly closet. For this pictorial, she picked her breath-stopping lacey black catsuit with an open gusset (crotch) so we can see her goodies better. As an added touch, Merilyn poses with a cigarette for those who like to see a girl smoking. Don't worry, she keeps her smoking to a bare minimum because she believes that a girl should have a healthy chest. And you know she tells the truth.

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Merilyn Sakova – That Golden Glow

That Golden Glow

She looks scrumptious in her golden bikini! We'd also swear that she looks like her hooters are still growing! In this quite lengthy video (29:17), Merilyn is scheduled to use that tanning bed but she decides to forego it for another kind of golden glow. Merilyn must be a mind reader because later in the video, she spritzes her chest with tanning gel, making her breast-skin shine. Merilyn does find a use for the tanning bed...she lays down in it and switches on her golden fuck-toy!

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Busty Merilyn

Busty Merilyn

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