Merilyn Sakova – That Golden Glow

That Golden Glow

Every time we see Merilyn, she looks better and better, sexier and prettier. Her confidence is also increasing. Your editors began hyperventilating and suffered stiffness in their joints when they first saw this photo set and matching video of Merilyn stretching an extreme, metallic gold bikini to the max. She's like a goddess in human form. "I'm very proud to have been blessed with this body," Merilyn says. "I love to read compliments about me. It makes me feel more confident and secure! I want to be the best girl I can for the guys."

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Merilyn Sakova – Jacuzzi


Merilyn models yet another incredible outfit before dipping into the tub and cumming clean again. Meanwhile, her DVD Merilyn Busts Out is doing amazingly well on the eBoobStore's Top Ten charts. In these days of hardcore XXX porn dominating sales around the world, that's an incredible acheivement for a solo video and says a lot about the mind of the big-boob lover.

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Merilyn Sakova – Garters


What sends most breast aficionados into titter shock when they look at
Merilyn's photos are the size of her boobs compared to the rest of her
frame. Nature usually dictates that girls with extremely huge breasts also
have ample body fat deposits (usually stored around the waist and in the
booty) and have thick thighs and arms. Endomorph is the term for this kind of body. But Merilyn defies the conventional. That she wants to pose naked and is able to do so is something every pure boob-man has to be grateful for. There is a hooter heaven sometimes.

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Merilyn Sakova – Oiled!


What Merilyn does in this incredible video will inspire a flood of endorphins in your brain and a rush of blood to your dick. If it doesn't, you'd better see a doctor and fast. This video will be included in a Merilyn DVD now in pre-production.

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Merilyn Sakova – Pajamas


"Merilyn is an amazing gal with huge breasts!" declares J.Z., who, like many breast-lovers, is totally in shock over Merilyn's huge melons and slim body. "What a great discovery...perhaps of the decade!" Merilyn is something out of a James Bond film in this photo set, wearing a silky pajama top over a sexy bra and adding some leg fuel with stockings, garters and sexy heels. She seductively discards bra and knickers and moistens a toy with her mouth, all the better to plug her wet pussy.

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Busty Merilyn

Busty Merilyn

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